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by Mikal Amin



This song is an indictment, a report and a truth telling of not only how we've responded to the biological illness that has created human sickness but also the strange parallel between the systemic virus of racism and capitalism revealing the ills of society.

50 percent of all revenue from this song will be donated to community based orgs.


Live inside the petri dish everything you see is risk
5ger's blame your phone they really need to plead the fifth
Black man with a mask is still a threat I haven't seen a shift
Isolate in homes,until a date that is unknown
Trumps tone on its own is as deadly like you breath it in
Walk around exposed
then you and me in different skin
Please don't get too close I'm really into distancing
This isn't a cold its a virus that we're living in
And that's before the Covid our mentalities corrosive
Cops mad at the citizens they setting off explosives
Fire works for those in power
Going off at every hour
Their times at an end their scared to death and we know it
They opened up the beaches and the bars I guess it's hopeless
Vaccines are like ten years away with profits for the potus
It's hot outside and summer now people lose their focus
We took a step forward, numbers up we back to closin
Throw in a pandemic and responses that's systemic
Then know that violence and death can never be prevented by the state
The hate has just mutated to a different form, and unlike the corona its a sickness we created

As numbers getting worse the government shows what your life is worth
We in the streets for humans rights while trumpers want the right to work
Poor whites are hurt and black lives covered in dirt,
funerals from murders be filling up the church
The earth is healing while we're dealing with a crisis
Stuck inside our houses come to grips with all your vices
It took the isolation to see the sun is priceless
Zoom for everything got me sick of my devices
Consuming anything to get my mind into the slightest
frame of lightness
My country's a powder keg and been ignited
My entire life I'm made to feel I'm uninvited
This apocalyptic script feels like someone had to write it
We're in a tidal wave and now we're forced to ride it
Before it meant my life or death the country was divided
Counting down the weeks till assistance ain't provided
The unemployment gap is really at its widest
While mistrust and fear are truly at its highest
Left us with the choices this idiot or Biden
No idea where Im siding
its like choosing between dying by poison or a bullet,
wheres the box that I check neither


released September 4, 2020
produced by DJ Nio
mixed by Dale Novella at Black Flag
Mikal Amin appears courtesy of Fresh Roots Music (8th Samurai Publishing, ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Mikal Amin Brooklyn, New York

"Self Made Man/Tucker wit an ink pen sketched in the hand of my Four Fathers"-

Mikal Amin is a hero for hire. Educator, Emcee, and true griot speaking to the people, for the people, by the people. Based in Brooklyn, the Hip Hop educator and lyricist has released several albums founded Fresh Roots Music and toured the globe extensively (Europe, South America, and Africa) since 2008... ... more

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